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The sponsored walk

Each year, the ULM organizes a sponsored walk to raise money for the Kumba project.  All the students of the school walk between 6 and 10 miles in the country around Tournai. This action brought in 3200€ in 2005.

The gala

Every two years, the gala of the ULM takes place in "La Maison de la Culture" in Tournai.  The opportunity to revive the enthusiasm for the Kumba project in front of a large audience.

For the 2003 gala we sang a song by Tiken Jah Fakoli, "Y'en a marre", our faces painted in the colours of the Cameroonian flag.

For the 2005 gala we sang "Quitte le pouvoir" (by Tiken Jah Fakoli).  There was a great atmosphere in the audience!

The sale of chocolate croissants

Each year, in May, the students sell chocolate croissants to raise money for the Kumba project.  Each student takes orders in his neighbourhood and delivers them after school.  The profit and motivation of the students have been growing since 2003 !

Your donations on the bank account: 001- 4067768-52

Our action-partners:

Bakery " Kint ", Schooldreef , 9050 Gentbrugge organized an action between 9 and 13 August 2005. On every sold product 0.10€ went to the project.  The action in 2005 brought in 1308 € for the Kumba project.  The action in 2006 (01/08 - 05/08) brought in 1400€ for the project.  Thanks a lot to Mr. and Mrs Kint for their commitment, to their staff for their enthusiasm and their customers for their generosity and support.                                                                                                   

The shop - a taste of Cameroon

Bert ... his commitment for the project

Anja and Frank Kint, Bert, Loes, Ingrid and Virginie

Mr. Kint and V. Bossu with the result of the action: 1308 €

More pictures in the "Galerie photos" (click above left)

The sale of sweets/chocolates

Since the beginning of September 2005 we are selling sweets (1,50€/bag) and chocolates (2,50€/bag).  Students and teachers from the ULM came together to fill as many bags as possible.  If you feel like selling some bags for the project, please, contact us.    




Students and teachers filling bags for the project!

Gala 2005: students selling sweets and chocolates.

The sales of sweets and chocolates brought in more than 4000 € in 2005.

On September 1st 2006 we filled 3000 bags.

More pictures in "Galerie photos", click above left

Pancakes and chocolates for St Valentine

Last form students raised 270€ for the Kumba-project

Second-hand market and Exotic dishes from all over the world.

On March 12th the ULM opened its doors, specially on a Sunday, for these two special events.  The "second-hand" lovers found very interesting things, ...

dishes, glasses, ...

books, toys, games, ...

... and lots of other things!

... The others tasted different dishes from the five continents.

It was difficult to make a choice between  ...

...  pancakes, pineapple/red fruit cake, sweets with nuts and sesame, chocolate crisps, brownies, carrot-/chocolate pie, cheesecake, tortilla, cake with salmon/olives/feta-zucchini, ... coconut soup with gember, sangria, pinacolada tea, Breton pies, ...

More pictures in  "Galerie  Photos" (click above left-choose "Brocante" )

Both events brought in 1052 € for the project.

 Renaix - March 19 and 23  - FEMMES EN MOUVEMENT 

March 19th - Presentation of the Kumba-Projet together with the organization "Femmes en Mouvement" at an "Associations Fair" at the KIF-KIF Centre, A.L.Van Hovestraat 43 A.

The secretary and the president of the organization "Femmes en Mouvement" with Virginie Bossu

March 23th FEMMES EN MOUVEMENT organized an evening in dance and music.  The meal was delicious.  One third of the profits (100 €) goes to the project.Thank you! 

Tournai -  May 5th 2006 - Afric'Aid and Dance

The second year's students in communication at the HELHO organized a show with African drums and dance to support and promote the project. They collected 343 € to invest in the project.

 Tournai - May 6th 2006 - Concert at the ULM

Students (even old ones) and teachers at the ULM (Ecole Secondaire des Ursulines) organized an open air concert during their Open Day. Their band "Les Copies Non-Conformes" performed in the afternoon.  Thanks to the sunny weather and the talented musicians and singers, the event will forever be reminded as a success.  The concert brought in 400 €.

The promotion poster for the concert

The band "Les Copies Non-Conformes"

More pictures of the concert in  "galerie photos" (click above left)

Gentbrugge - June 3rd 2006 - Second-hand market

Bakery Kint and their friends have always been concerned about the project and have shown their involvement once more by taking part in the second-hand market and giving all the returns of the sales of hot dogs, waffels and second-hand stuff to the Kumba-project.  Thanks to Pieter, Simon, Stephanie and their friends, Anja, Frank, Oma, Jérémy and Virginie 400€ were raised for the project.  Thanks for your generosity and the time you  give voluntarily to this project.

Schooldreef in Gentbrugge

The children have sold hot dogs and waffels 

More pictures of in  "galerie photos" (click above left) 

The 24 hours running event in Mouscron

For this event two teams of teachers from the ULM and three of their friends ran 24 hours for the Kumba project.  The team Kumba 1 (the female team) won the race.  The male team, Kumba 2, ended in 5th position.  The Kumba committee was there too.  They sold sweets and sandwiches.  The event will remain unforgettable.  Thanks to everybody for your solidarity and courage! 




Our two teams: Kumba 1 and Kumba 2

More pictures of in  "galerie photos" (click above left) 

 The Concert against Racism

On 11th November 2006, the "Forum Citoyen" and the "Front Anti-Fasciste" organized a concert in the "Quai 34" in Tournai. The Kumba Committee has been invited to promote the project and to "feed" the audience.  This "hot-dogs and sweets" action brought in 475€.  An unforgettable event!

More pictures in  "galerie photos" (click above left)

Etaimbourg - April 2007

Teacher David et his pupils

The 3rd and 4th form at the primary school in Etaimbourg supported the project during their open days at school.  Their teacher, David,  first introduced the project and explained them the problems in Cameroon.  The pupils were really motivated to do something for the students in Kumba.  They sold sweets for more than 200 €.  Thanks a lot !

Tournai - Concert at the ULM - 05-05-2007

The group  "Les Copies non-conformes" performed all afternoon during the open day at the ULM.  As last year it was a succes.  The students, old students, members of the committee and teachers have been rehearsing since September for this major event.  The audience really enjoyed.  The action brought in 600€ for the projet.  Thanks!

All the pictures in  "galerie photos" (click above left)

Gentbrugge - Second-hand market - 26-05-2007

As last year we sold waffels, hot dogs and sweets for the project.  We want to thank the KINT family and their friends for their involvement since 2003. 461 € were raised for the project. 

Oma, Anja, Simon and Pieter

All the pictures in  "galerie photos" (click above left)

Mourcourt (June 17th 2007) and Melles (July  15th 2007)

On June 17th the parishioners of Mourcourt organized a mass in honor of our beloved priest Henri Farinelle, deceased in January 2007.  He was proud of the Kumba project. The parishioners made donations. Virginie and a few volunteers sold sweets.  453 € were raised for the project.


Virginie and Henri  - October 2006

The parishers of Melles also supported the project.  Virginie raised 99 € on July 15th.  Thanks!

Ghent-Zwijnaarde(11/01/2008) - Nieuwjaarsbabbel at the Freinet school "De Spiegel"  

As for every new year the parents, pupils and teachers of the primary school wish each other the best for the new year during a drink, which took place on January 11th.  On this occasion motivated parents, pupils and teachers supported the project by giving the profit of the selling of drinks and food (645,39€) to the project. Pleasant atmosphere. Thanks! 

Warm wine, white wine, jenever, hot-dogs, pop-corn, pancakes, waffels, ... enough to please everybody.

 All the pictures in  "galerie photos" (click above left)

Tournai - Concert -  Les Copies Non-Conformes (26/04/08)

For the open days at the ULM the group" Les Copies Non-conformes" gave a concert once more for the Kumba project. The students, ex-students, teachers, friends have been rehearsing since January for this live concert. It was just great. We raised 400 €. Thank you.

More pictures in  "galerie photos" (click above left)

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