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Ferdinand Asapngu, Mayor of Kumba. 

Ferdinand Asapngu was invited to Belgium in May 2003.  He visited the ULM, was welcomed by the students with a delicious breakfast and explained them the problems of Cameroon.

Breakfast with the students of the 4th form

Lecture and question-answer session in English with the students of the 6th form.

He received lots of bags with clothes, shoes, ... but also tools, typing machines for the Educational Centre of Kumba.  Everything was sent to Cameroon by container.

Ferdinand Asapngu was officially invited by the Mayor of Ghent, Sir Frank Beke.  Thanks to his official invitation Ferdinand Asapngu could observe the elections of May 2003 in Belgium.

Exchange of gifts - Meeting  F. Asapngu and F. Beke.

F. Asapngu, very interested in the organization of the 2003 elections

F. Asapngu - interview for Radio 1

Ferdinand Asapngu and Jérémy during the Mayor's 10 days visit in Belgium.  Interesting conversation about the future of the school in Kumba.  Nice trappist too!

Pauline Bessem, Principal of the Educational Centre of Kumba

with V. Bossu, project leader in Belgium.

 The teachers

Ebot Charles, Ojong Lawson, Kolor Ebenezer, Djade Thadde, Bessem Pauline, Ntuba Jacob, Bweh James and Seidze Basil.

 Tekombo Jeannette



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