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Too many children can't go to school in Cameroon because their poor parents can't pay the high school fees.  The government could improve this situation but for many reasons doesn't seem to pay much attention to the problem.

The Educational Centre of Kumba hasn't received any money from the government since June 2001.  Pauline Bessem, Principal of the Educational Centre, and her brother, Ferdinand Asapngu, Mayor of Kumba, decided to rebuild the school with the financial support of the ULM* so that the penniless and destitute children of Kumba could get education.

The students at the Centre are between 9 and 18 (sometimes older).  They belong to the poorest class of Cameroonian society, are orphans or drop outs.  In the Educational Centre of Kumba they learn reading, writing, arithmetics but they are also taught a job.  The aim of the Centre is to give the students a job so that they can earn a living and provide in the needs of their families.  The boys learn electricity, mechanics and carpentry.  The girls learn typing, accountancy and management or dress-making.

*The ULM (Les Ursulines - La Madeleine) is a secondary school in Tournai which has supported the project between January 2003 and June 2007.  The headmaster, the teachers and all the students launched many actions to raise money.

In 2003, the main building got renovated thanks to the money raised (2.565 €) by the ULM.

In 2004, the building of 3 new workshops could start thanks to the raised amount of 5.245 €.

In June 2005, the ULM raised 4.191 € to go on with the building and to pay the teachers.

In November 2005, thanks to the sale of sweets/chocolates and your donations,  4000 € were sent to finish the works inside the 3 new workshops (electricity, floor, plastering).

In January 2006, Pauline Bessem (Principal at the DYAC) received an amount of 2000 € to pay the teachers (1125 €) and buy a generator that will supply the workshops with electricity.

In February 2006, 4000 € were sent to secure the new building and buy equipment for the workshops.

In June 2006, 3976.29 € were sent to pay the teachers and buy more equipment to be ready for next schoolyear!

In February 2007, 6000 € were sent to buy equipment for the workshops/lessons and to pay the teachers.

In July 2007, 4513 € were sent to pay the teachers and to buy equipment for the workshops/lessons.

In May 2008, 4.516 € were sent to buy equipment for the next school year.



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